Google Pixel XL 2017

Google is ready to launch his much awaited Google Pixel XL in 2017. Phone design leaks out if we notice this Design phone really looking good or his design his very attrative. If Google really do this so this is best for pixel lover. Reports say that Google want to sell his own product Google Home with Google Pixel Xl but this is not official news. Google not announce his phone pixel xl launch date. But Reports say that this phone launch very soon.

Reports say this phone is fully low bezel Amoled Dispaly with squeezable frame. Google say that his offical launch date is announced his own search Engine Home Page.Pixel xl is totally flat design

The device will also be coming with a Snapdragon 835 and Snapdragon is a latest hardware and will feature a similar two-tone glass and metal finish on the back i hope this available in White Colour , though we noted that the glass window is located near the top and that it no longer encloses the fingerprint scanner. A render provided by Android Police corroborated our report,

The Google pixel xl support sRGB mode we’ve been enjoying since Google’s later Nexus days will leave its secluded spot behind Developer Options, but this time if you try to root your Google pixel xl so defanitly your warrenty not works this is a latest andrioid policy of google and moving to the normal Display settings. It will be accompanied by a “Vivid Colors” option, suggesting Google is focusing a bit more on display customization this time around.

But the overall aesthetic doesn’t stray too far from the original Pixel, which makes sense since it’s Google doing the designing here. reports not say about that finger print or face scanner It just seems more refined all around. The glass window is still on the back, though smaller this time. (The fingerprint sensor is now part of the aluminum body.


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